Join us in our stumbling, bumbling and fumbling through transforming our dreams into reality.

We started our first transformation in 2015 when we decided to jump headfirst into destroying our yard. In order to make it what we dream of, we needed to annihilate the well established junipers that carpeted approx. 80% of our yard. We had no idea what to expect, but needed to see what we were actually working with.

Now that we are working through the transformation, we decided it would be fun to share our trials and tribulations with turning our lofty dreams and ideas into some sort of reality. We are aware that the final product will likely not be exactly what we imagined, but that is the most important part of dreams, they constantly change and adapt.

We expect this dream-to-reality project to take about 10 years total. From there we will see what dream hits us next and hopefully share that process as well.

We are by no means experts, or even really knowledgeable about most of the work we are doing. We are constantly watching videos, reading articles, picking experts brains and in general just trying to grasp what we are doing, but we enjoy doing it and in the end will enjoy all of our end products that much more. We are completely open to creative criticism and suggestions on how we can accomplish certain tasks. Please do not look to us as a “how-to” guide. This is not a DIY teaching page, but rather two people sharing their adventures with their imaginations.

Feel free to follow along with us as we make one of our dreams a reality through some laughter, frustration, imagination and hard work.