Planter Box Trellis Build Plans

Here are the plans for building the trellis that can be added to the planter boxes I previously provided plans for. You can also use these plants to add trellis to existing planter boxes you may have, with a few adjustments to the measurements. LUMBER & SUPPLIES NEEDED 3 – 2” x 3” x 8’…

The Takeover

We have switched gears from building to growing…sort of. We are still doing some building but more of our focus in the last few weeks has been getting all of our plants into the ground and all of the irrigation run, checked and running. The only challenge was that we have so much more that…

Planter Build Plans

This is a little later than expected, but working from home and then writing blogs in my spare time can be a little daunting. Especially when the sun is shining and I desperately want to get outside and enjoy it. Below are the plans for each of the planters we built for our front garden….

Tucked in

Now that we had all the beds built, it was time to get them setup in the front garden. Before we put the landscaping fabric down, we put all the planters in place to ensure we had a nice level area for them. A few needed some bricks and adjustments to keep the planter level….