Tucked in


Now that we had all the beds built, it was time to get them setup in the front garden. Before we put the landscaping fabric down, we put all the planters in place to ensure we had a nice level area for them. A few needed some bricks and adjustments to keep the planter level.

Once we got the planters levelled, we removed them and rolled out the landscaping fabric. Similar to how we did the backyard gardens, we overlapped the landscaping fabric with the brick trim. Pinching the fabric between the top brick and the 2nd brick down, ensures that the fabric doesn’t move around and also doesn’t allow the grass or weeds to wiggle up between the wall and the fabric.

We found a large rock under some of the bushes when we tore them out, and we certainly didn’t want to and couldn’t move it from the garden, so we built it into our design. There was no way to pinch the fabric, so we just cut it as close as we could around the rock.

Once all the fabric was laid down, we were ready to place the planters back into the garden. With a little wiggling, we found the placements we had previously made to ensure a level planter.

Then came the part we are VERY familiar with…time to haul rocks! We still had the awful pile of rocks that was mostly gravel, so we had a lot of sifting and trying to find the larger rocks. We eventually gave up and ordered a new batch of rocks. We will eventually have to deal with the rocks, but for now we have larger rocks again!

Once the gardens were full of rocks, we ran the irrigation. Each bed will have a little sprayer to ensure that the summer laser beam (the sun) doesn’t dry out our plants and zap them to a crispness that’s plants should not experience.

Now we just have to get the plants into the soil and everything will be perfect!


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