Wired x2


Jumping, rolling, digging and chewing are Basil’s favourite things to do in the back yard. In the last month we have had our hands full with this funny little girl, but she is proving to be the perfect fit with our family. Luckily the growing season is over, or we would have much bigger problems on our hands. We had to harvest our carrots, onions, peppers and cucumbers a little early because after watching Kurt and I pick a few, she realized that she could also pick them. Her favourite were the carrots, but once we took those out, she figured she would see what else she could dig up in our raised beds. She is not at all bothered with the strawberries, squash or tomatoes that are randomly planted around the yard though. That will be a training task for the spring, but she will be older and will understand more commands by then.


During our adventures with Basil, we have managed to get the crushed gravel laid down and pounded solid between our new wall posts. It was little bit more of a tedious task this time around as Basil preferred to run through it while we were trying to get it pounded down, resulting in having to do sections a number of times. Ellie, being excited about having someone to play with, also decided that the area we were working was the ideal location to play, run and wrestle. But we managed.

We decided to put the landscaping fabric down right away even though it was going to be a couple weeks until we were able to do the wire. We figured it would help keep the dogs off the areas we didn’t want them playing on, and it worked. They leapfrogged the landscaping fabric, and the pounded crushed gravel beneath. I wasn’t thinking when I did the landscaping fabric this time, and pushed it down as soon as I cut it, resulting in some serious slack between some of the posts, but that is ok. Once we get the wire on, it will hold it in place. Last wall, I cut it and slid it about an inch down to hold it on the post while I cut the next one. This resulted in a nice tight fit, with a little extra work of walking up and down and shimmying it down the posts an inch at a time. I’ll have to remember this for the next wall!

Kurt and I are now on a nice stay-cation at home, so we decided today was the day to put the wire on the wall. The weather is almost perfect. Cool, crisp and easy to work in. Only wish was for a little sun, but we won’t be too picky. We started with the backside so that we could get the landscaping fabric stapled down and out of our way. On the backside, we just did the larger fencing wire as the landscaping fabric helps keeps the rocks from slipping through. We then put the chicken wire on the front of the posts. We anticipated this helping with rock slippage and having to tetris the rocks into the wall sections. The task has been especially tedious and we have a lot of walls to build and fill, so we are hoping that by adding the smaller wire behind the strong, larger fencing wire, we will not have to fiddle too much. We know that there will be some juggling, but hopefully not as much as the previous walls.

Once we had completed the chicken wire, we did the regular fencing wire that we did with our last wall. It definitely looks different at this point, but we know that once the rocks are in place, you hardly notice the wire. I guess we will find out. We plan on doing at least the two large sections this week with the rocks to see how it goes. Hopefully fast, smooth and still nice and solid.

I will either update later this week or next week.

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