Happiness is watching plants grow

One of our favourite things to do everyday…even on those scorchers where we feel like ants under a magnifying glass…is to go and wander the yard to see how much our plants have grown since yesterday. It amazes me at how much change there can be from day to day. Then again, perhaps that change is in the eye of the beholder in some instances. We look at our plants so much that we can see the smallest of changes.

So, to give an update and example of how much change can happen in a short time, I took some pictures a few days ago. We have since gone away camping for a few days, and when we got back, we took some more pictures. Some are subtle changes, while others are significant changes.

The Strawberries, a subtle change from one picture to the next, but as a note, this was two separate harvests of delicious berries.

The Potatoes, a noticeable difference from June 8 to June 12. Another couple days and these will need to be hilled.

Raised Bed 1 – The Pepper, Pea, Squash & Cucumber bed was overgrown on June 8. We weeded that day, and by June 12, the bed is starting to re-grow its unwelcome guests. The good news, 1 pepper is growing and my cucumber finally poked through!

Raised Bed 2 – The Carrots, Onion & Peas bed is really coming along. The peas are starting to climb the netting, the onions are growing and our newest rows of carrots have started poking through.

The Herbs and Flowers are showing some growth and change. The flowers are really starting to spread out in the barrels, along with producing lots of beautiful blooms. The herbs are establishing themselves, but it looks like my basil may have an issues, so I will need to make some adjustments there.

As a side note, we have lots of random growth which is also interesting to keep track of. A strawberry plant from years ago has established itself in our driveway and is producing small, candy flavoured berries (super sweet and flavourful). There are bluebells along the fence line and pansies around the yard. The stubborn vine by our upper walls has really taken hold again, and will need to be pulled again, as well as a big thistle…which we introduced to our yard back when we collected our rocks from cut blocks up in the woods. Some of the surprise plants will be given the room to grow, while others will be removed to try to avoid invasion.


If you have ever considered gardening, we recommend that you jump in and get your hands dirty. It is the most therapeutic and enjoyable hobby. Even if you don’t currently do well with plants, an easy irrigation system can make all the difference.


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