We have finally finished filling our newest wall, and the largest one yet. This is also a record for us on how fast we have been able to completely fill a wall. Our newest method of wiring the cages has immensely cut down on the time that it takes, as well as the size of rock we have to use.

That being said, our newest load of rock for filling our walls is absolutely terrible. One step ahead, and a truckload of rocks worth of steps back. We order the 2″ – 4″ size rocks for our walls, and we do expect to get some rock that is smaller than 2″ sneaking in there, but this last load was a huge mix of size, right down to gravel & dirt. When it was delivered, the driver did tell us that the new guy loading the truck had accidentally scraped up some dirt, so they threw in half a scoop of extra rock for us, which was nice. Once we started sifting through the rock to finish our small section that completes the landing, we realized that it was much worse than the delivery driver made it out to be.


I would wager a guess that majority of the delivery is 1.5″ or less. We have flattened out the pile, dug through the dirt, gravel and small pieces to mine what we could of the larger rock. It was barely enough to fill our tiny cornerstone wall. The last pile of the same size, had filled the entire large wall that we had built. Huge difference. Needless to say, we will be washing down as much of this rock as possible and adding it into our rock gardens, or using it for drainage rock behind the walls. We will then looking at chatting with our supplier about another load of the proper rocks so that we can work on anther wall this fall once we are back from our vacation. The photos we are using for this post are also the ones that we plan to show the landscaping company as a point of reference. 

Previous Pile – Consistently good size of rock
Newest Pile – Inconsistent sizing with lots of gravel and dirt

The good news is that we were able to find enough of the decent sized rock to finish our little wall. It looks great with the exception of one mistake I made while my brain was on spider-freak-out. Can you see the problem?

Can you spot my mistake?

Yep! I stapled the landscaping fabric to the outside of the corner post, making it visible under the wire. We can’t undo the wire to fix it, unless we want to empty the whole wall. K and I decided that it will not really be visible once all the walls are in. That side is just a path that will run behind our espaliered trees and provide us access to our irrigation that runs the length of the fence. We will just clean it up, cut out as much excess as we can and call it a day. Oops! This is what this adventure is all about, we learn, we adapt, and we will make our paradise our very own.

I was about to get started on the wooden caps for the wall, but we decided it would be better if we finished adding the drainage and back-filling up to the top of the wall. That way, we won’t be dumping dirt all over the newly painted caps, and it will be easier to pound down the dirt behind the wall. That will have to wait a little longer, but it will be worth it.

Between the backfilling, and the next wall we are going to add in, my human bulldozer a.k.a K, will have a busy schedule ahead. I will of course help with the digging and back-filling, but K is the one with the vision for the walls. He has a knack for knowing exactly where to dig to make the perfect section of garden.


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