Hot Stuff!

We have grown many peppers in our garden. Sweet, jalapeño, Thai chilies, hot Hungarian and now banana peppers. We have also pickled most of the peppers we have grown, with the exception of the sweet peppers.

They are all really good, but so far the best ones for pickling have been the hot Hungarian. I personally don’t eat hot peppers but K does, oftentimes right out of the jar. They are so easy to grow and almost as easy to pickle, so some sort of hot pepper always makes it into our garden.

We ended up with more banana pepper plants than I thought. We were supposed to have half banana peppers and half sweet peppers. We ended up with 1 sweet pepper plant and 11 banana pepper plants. That is going to make for lots of pickled peppers!

K and I harvested our first batch of the peppers and made eight 1/2 pint jars and 2 pint jars. K washed, seeded and chopped the peppers while I made the brine. It was a nice team effort!

K has tested the batch that we made and is happy with the results. He did mention that he is going to make a few tweaks with the next batch. He’s going to leave more of the seeds so that they are a little hotter and will add peppercorns to the brine for some added flavour. It’s a simple recipe that can be adapted and adjusted as needed.

These are great to add to so many different types of recipes. Salads, sandwiches, pizzas, sauces, etc. The opportunities are endless! We hope that you enjoy!


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