Strawberry Fields Forever

We had another great year with our strawberries. I wasn’t a huge fan of strawberries until we started to grow them ourselves and I realized what a strawberry should truly taste like. Store bought are just a hint of what a strawberry really should look and taste like. Our strawberries are big, juicy and red right through to the core…which is the key. The ones you buy in stores tend to be at least half white in the centre, which means it isn’t fully ripe. Growing your own will forever ruin store bought for you. If you aren’t into growing your own, go to a farmers market instead. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

With the amount we got again this year, we were able to enjoy them all summer, but I was also able to freeze a lot of them so that I could make some jam. Now that we are into fall, I have a little more time in the house on rainy days, so I had time to put together a few batches. Now, other than these two short paragraphs, I am going to get right to the recipes for my two favourite jams.

1 2

2 2

With some delicious preserves like these, we get to enjoy our garden even through the cold winter months.



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