Alright, welcome to our first annual versus post. This year it is 2019 versus 2020. With a similar garden setup, only a few changes to the plants being grown and a few odd weather patterns thrown in, it was a close comparison.

With a little more variety and a long fall growing period, 2020 came out as the champion in all categories.

In the overall weight category 2020 was able to beat out 2019 by 33.24lbs. A few varieties from 2019 outweighed the same varieties in 2020, but overall, more weight was harvested in 2020. 2019 had higher harvest weights of strawberries, onions and hot peppers. 2020 outgrew all other comparable plants this year. Overall weight does include the different plants that we grew each year including Peter Pan squash and peas in 2019 and watermelon, zucchini and rhubarb in 2020.

Keeping in line with the overall weight, it is no surprise that overall value also came in higher in 2020. We saved an additional $83.01 in 2020.

Our top three producing plants for 2020 greatly outweighed our top three producing plants of 2019. The top 3 from 2019 produced 80.8 lbs of vegetables. The 2020 top 3 produced 125.5 lbs. there was also a change up of 2 of the three top producing plants this year, with potatoes coming in at the number 2 spot both years. The 2020 carrots and tomatoes overtook the 2019 Peter Pan squash and onions.

2020 also reigned supreme in the variety category with 24 varieties as compared to the 2019 variety of 15. 2021 will likely be a massive upset to 2020 with expanded growing space providing perfect conditions for expanding the varieties growing.

Tune in October 2021 to see our next challengers: growing season 2020 versus growing season 2021.


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