End of Season Yard Updates 2022


As we are nearing the end of the year, it is time to look back at what we accomplished…and didn’t accomplish in the yard.

Let’s start with what we accomplished.

The biggest project that we accomplished this year was all the new walls on the unfinished side of the yard. This will open up so much more area to grow food, so we are very excited for what the spring will bring. It will also mean that we can remove the strawberry tower, which really should have been removed this year, and re-home the strawberries into the new wall area.

The walls have turned out really well, following a very fluid line of the yard rather than rigid straight lines. We knew when we started that we did not want perfect, straight and uniform walls to look at all the time. Rather we wanted the walls to follow the natural curves of the slopes, and I feel we accomplished that.

We also removed the last of the old fence, which created a bit of a run from the shed to the side of the house. We aren’t sure what the previous owners did with that area, but it was time for us to make it part of the yard. The grass was starting to thicken up in that area and meld into the rest of the yard.

In the fall, we moved the wood storage up to the side of the house, and the chop block by the shed. This makes the area around the shop less congested, and the dogs aren’t running along the slope behind the shop as much now that they can get by easily.

Those were our major projects this year. The walls definitely monopolized our focus, as usual. Though this is the last year for walls! So now we will have more diverse topics to share on the blog.

So what didn’t we accomplish?

Well, let’s chat rock walls…hahaha. Although we finished building all the walls, we didn’t get finished filling the last two small sections that came off the top most wall. One minute it was a balmy 17*C in mid-October, the next it was -4*C and there was snow on the ground. Usually we get some snow and it melts, but this year, it has not melted once! We have consistently had snow on the ground since the beginning of November. And too much of it to make it safe to haul rocks over to those walls. So we will unfortunately be finishing up the sections first thing in the spring.

We also did not get all the garden work done that we should have. None of our planters got cleaned out, and neither did 1/3 of the garden. We also didn’t get the last of the compost piles to the compost facility because we had held off until we could pull the last of the plants. So, in the spring the tomatoes, corn, sunflowers, barrels, patio planters and front yard planters will all need to be thoroughly cleaned out before we can plant in them.

I do plan on getting rid of all the round plastic patio planters along the front of the hot tub next year. Instead, I am going to build a long rectangular planter box that will sit between the 2 steps that go up to that cement patio area.

I will update the yard map in the coming weeks with where the new walls ended up actually going versus where we anticipated them going. It is pretty close, but worth updating the map. I have done a map of what we had completed that year, as well as our thoughts about the other areas every year that we have been landscaping. It is interesting looking back and reviewing what we had at one time planned to do with the yard. A lot of it is still in place, but there is the odd thing that has been scrapped like the pond and waterfall. Mostly because it will constantly need topping up with water in our climate. We will focus more area for a gazebo, and very likely an above ground pool.

Well, until the next blog, enjoy the holiday season!


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