Easter Weekend Project 2 – Rock Walls

We were busy little beavers over the Easter weekend. I took a couple extra days off because there were a few bigger projects I wanted to complete before the spring gardening season hits. We ended up doing quite a few more projects than anticipated!

I already wrote about the yard cleanup we did, which was project 1. Our second project of the weekend was….rock walls! I swear that eventually I will be able to stop writing about the rock walls that we are building, but unfortunately that day is not today.

Knowing that we had quite a few projects lined up for the weekend, we decided to get a start on filling the final few sections of rock walls, knowing that we weren’t going to finish them over the weekend. We just needed to get out there and get going on them otherwise they will NEVER get done. I can honestly say, I can talk myself into doing pretty much any other chore than filling anymore rock walls. But, I just need to get it done.

I did get motivated to start the walls on a sunny April 3, but only managed to fill 1 section by myself. It has been a while since we have had to fill sections of wall on a slope, and I forgot how much the legs, hips and lower back start burning from standing on an angle for a long period of time. All the walls we have done recently, has had nice flat paths in front of them to stand on.

Since we are taking the rocks down in buckets, I realized it would be a much easier process with Kurt because we could just dump the buckets of rock into the walls while the other held the wire open. Then we could just shuffle the rocks as needed to ensure there were no big holes or gaps in the rocks.

That takes us to the Easter weekend and finding that motivation. When I mentioned to Kurt that we can just dump the rocks in, we realized that the process would likely go quite a bit faster and we could fill a section without taking up too much of our day.

So we pulled the cart out and grabbed the 4 buckets we have and went and loaded them with rocks. We then shuttled the buckets of rocks from the front yard pile to the backyard, just by the arch that leads into the back area. From there, we carried the buckets of rocks down to the section of wall we were working on. The dumping of the rocks worked really well. Usually after 2 buckets, I would need to wire to ensure that we weren’t getting bulging sections on the walls. While I wired, Kurt went up and started refilling the buckets, which made for quick work of getting a section filled.

Since the Easter weekend, we have finished off the last section going up the slope towards the arch. This is where we will have a staircase going down to access the newest garden beds. We also got started on a couple of the sections around the corner at the top of the newest tiers of walls.

Looking at our rock pile, we may have enough to finish the last 4.5 sections left. Worst case scenario, if we run short, we will just grab some more with Kurts truck. I wouldn’t mind getting a little extra anyways so that we can top up some of the garden beds that we filled with the same rock.

I’m already thinking about how I want to celebrate not needing to build anymore rock walls! Perhaps I should take a poll with you readers. You have all had to listen to us talk about rock wall after rock wall that we have been building over the years. I am sure you are all also excited for us to finish this part of the yard and move on to different types of projects!


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