Wire Webs

Well, the battle with the spiders continues. To prepare myself to get back to the small section of wall we had to finish building for the landing, I decided to work on wrapping the tops of each section of the wall in preparation for the caps. Would I see spiders, yes. Would I need to move or kill a few while doing the wire wrapping, yes. But, that is ok, and I was going to ease myself into building up a tolerance for them once again.

So, I grabbed our wire, some snips and a pair of gloves and headed out to start closing the cages. It is a fairly easy process. Now that all the rock is pretty much in place, I just had to bend the wire fence material over the tops, to create a lid for each section. I did have to adjust some of the rocks, and added a few to one of the sections, but overall, it is just a little tedious with tying the wires to keep the tops closed.

In a few areas, we had left the top sections spiked with the vertical sections of wire. Although somewhat dangerous as we were filling…both K and I drew blood scratching our arms…quite helpful when closing the tops. Once the wire was folded over the top, I used those spikes to wrap around the other side of the fence. This saved me from having to cut the other wire and wrap on both sides. Plus, the fence wire is a heavier gauge, so it should help hold it nice and strong.

The short sections were the easiest because both sides of the first two sections were similar in height, so the folds to the wire was quite simple and I could follow one of the horizontal wires for a good 90* bend. Wrapping those sections, I needed to use the smaller gauge wire as we hadn’t left a lot of spikes to work with for fear of the dogs jumping that section and scraping or skewering parts of their bodies.


The next few sections were a little more difficult as there was a significant difference in the height of both ends, which made for more of an awkward bend. Also, a few of them had gotten a little fat at the tops, so I had to remove and re-sort some of the rocks in those so that it was somewhat close to the width of the posts. I didn’t want the rock sticking out on either side of the caps that I am going to add.

As I was working my way up the wall, my confidence in dealing with the spiders grew. I had only spotted a few daddy-long-legs, and they were far enough away that I let them do their thing. As I worked higher, I had to fold some of the landscaping fabric down the back because we had cut it a little long. Then it happened…I felt a gentle caress and spotted movement by my hand. I jerked back, pulling the fabric a little bit, enough to to expose another black widow. So much for easing back into dealing with the spiders. She was promptly killed and I sucked it up and moved on up the wall….only to come across another one. This happened a total of 4 times. I guess one way to get over the trauma of the first one was to have to deal with a gaggle of them!

K’s stick got a lot of kills. Unfortunately, we haven’t stained it yet, so he had to do a little sanding to get it back to a stain-ready point. Needless to say, it is proving to be such a handy tool in the yard/garden, that we are going to make more of them and sell some at the craft fairs that my dad and I are going to join this fall and winter. It will be K’s contribution, and I will have plenty of stories to help sell the handy little kill sticks. He’s going to play with different end pieces as not everyone is going to want to give the spiders the finger as they squash them.


The good news of the day was that despite the scares, I managed to get the entire wall closed up and ready for their caps. K and I just need to finish the little landing wall first, then I can put the finishing touches on this wall and we can move onto the next!

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