Ellie vs. The Magpie

We have really been enjoying the summer so far. Usually, this time of year we would be stuck indoors for two reasons; the ridiculous heat and the wildfire season that has blanketed us in a haze of smoke the last few years. Instead, we have mild temperatures and frequent rain, which I will happily take. We continue to make progress on the yards landscaping during a time that we usually are forced to take a break.

While K was working on drainage and back-filling the new wall the other day, he witnessed a little showdown between Ellie and the magpies. They haven’t been around as much lately, but have made quite the return with their sassy teasing of the dogs. Basil can’t be bothered, but Ellie, who is constantly doing perimeter checks, does not so easily ignore intruders.

Drainage & backfilling (Future Blog Post)

We had to put up netting over our strawberries in the spring because we figured out that the magpies were enjoying the fruits of our labour….literally. The netting seemed to have deterred them for a bit, which is why we think we haven’t seen them for a while, but they are back, and up to usual magpie tricks. If not for Ellie, I am pretty sure they would have figured out a way to get into those strawberries by now. Basil will check them out but is generally lazy and not bothered to chase them around.


As K watched in amusement, the magpies would land, or try to land on the frame for the strawberry netting. Ellie would then run to where they were, doing circles around the strawberry tower. As she approached the side they were on, the magpie would fly up and onto our neighbours hockey netting. Then another magpie would try and Ellie would defend her yard, ensuring there was no sneaky strawberry netting sabotage.

This continued for a few minutes until the magpies realized that Ellie was not going to be distracted by anything else in the yard, and that they would not be finding a way to our delicious berries. What a great dog! We will see if they return to try again.


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