Carrot Bandit


We have started to pluck our tasty carrots out of the garden, even the multi-coloured ones which have been a bit of a disappointment. All of them are finally a good size and are fantastic as a side for dinner, dipped in a bit of hummus.

Coloured carrots and our other vegetable harvest.

K went to hand water a few plants when he realized our carrot bandit is back. Last year we had to deal with a bandit sneaking in and stealing our crunchy carrots before we could get them.

This year, we thought that we had the problem sorted out and wouldn’t have to deal with lost carrots again, but unfortunately that wasn’t to be. She got a taste of them again this year and has decided that they must all be hers, grown specially for her.

That’s right, it’s not an unknown pest or critter sneaking into the yard but rather our fuzzy faced Basil. She loves all food, but carrots are one of her favourite treats. All summer she has left our carrots alone, but I made the mistake of feeding her and Ellie a few over the past few days with their meals.

I worked very hard this year to make sure I did not give them any directly from the garden and wouldn’t even let Basil near the garden as I harvested them. A taste was all it took for her to ignore all of our firm “not yours”.

So we are on to plan B, which is setting up some fence. Hopefully it deters her enough that she leaves the rest of our carrots alone. The fence is fairly flimsy though, so if she really wanted to, she could definitely knock it over.

We will see how this all goes. We may need to build a fence around our carrots once we find a permanent home for them.


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