We are once again going to head on vacation right when our garden is at it’s peak of producing. We went on vacation about the same time back on 2016. But it is worth it, getting to explore the world.

Last time we did a 10 day bike trip through Bavaria with my parents, this time we are doing a 10 day road trip around Newfoundland with K’s mom (his dad wasn’t interested in flying).

In preparation of our trip, we are getting everything in order for our nephews to come and look after it all. They enjoy picking our veggies, snacking as they work, and they enjoy the payment we give them just as much.

One thing they aren’t quite old enough to do is trim the lawns and weed-whack the weeds in the back area. So K worked on weed-whacking, while I worked on mowing the lawns. It is amazing what a difference it can make to have everything trimmed up so nicely.

We have set one rule for them this time around though. Before they can dig in to all the treats they pick, they have to first weigh it all. We have been tracking everything we have picked this year as well as when we picked it so that we can start comparing our harvests from year to year. It will be slightly skewed for the next few years while we develop more and more growing space, but it will be interesting to se when we get the biggest harvests of each vegetable.

We also did a harvest of what we could for now. I pickled most of our banana peppers. We picked most of our Peter Pan squash, with lots still left on the plant for my sisters family and mom & dad to enjoy while we are gone. We also decided to harvest the last of our carrots.

Basil the carrot bandit has been using her long hound neck to stick her head over or between the fence to grab her favourite treats. Since I want to have the enjoyment of eating at least a few of our carrots, we decided to pick them and eat some before freezing the rest to use this fall and winter.

If it works out, my sister will send up some update photos that I can share here.


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