K has talked about building some fishing rod racks for a while now. We have enough rods that it certainly would make sense to build a few. We have a few nails in the wall of the shop that we hang some of the rods on, and then some go into cases and are laid out or leaned against a wall.

K has been reorganizing and setting up his hobby room in preparation for the winter. He has decided that he would like to hang his rods in his hobby room. Since he ties flies in there, it makes sense to have the rods there in the room for inspiration.

So, we got to work on one of the rod holders that he had found that he liked. The first part was the curved section that would hold the rods. There are only two per rack, and we had enough for four, so we make two racks. K has not worked with a lot of the tools in the shop so this was a great opportunity for him to try a few out and get comfortable with some of our bigger machines.

Once the curve was cut, k sanded them down nice and smooth. We don’t want slivers catching on the lines when they are in the rack. While sanding we finessed a bit of the shape, making them all a little more even.

From there we used the scroll saw to cut the dips for the rods to sit in. My first idea was to is one of our hole saw bits, but that didn’t work since we were only cutting half the whole. More of a u-shape required. K has been working on a few projects on the scroll saw, so he felt pretty comfortable with this part.

Now that the hooks and dips, we needed to create the bases for them to sit on. Those bases will be secured to the wall studs for a nice secure seat for the weight of the 5 rods. We wanted to add a little something to make them look more than just some wooden blocks on the wall, so we pulled out the belt sander again and sanded the sharp corners down to add a nice angled frame around the piece. we then flipped it over to add counter-sunk holes so that the block will sit flat against the wall.

K finished it all off with a nice clear coat stain on it. Now we just need to mount them in his hobby room. Our next rod rack will be one than will mount to the ceiling.


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