K skipped fishing on his day off…mostly because the weather was supposed to be rainy and grey, and instead did a little digging in the yard. Since the weather is ideal for some work that would make a person a little sweaty, K figured he could get the next bed dug out for me.

The natural slope in the hill has a bit of a fan shape or angle to it, so we are making our beds fan out. These new sections that we are digging in will all end…or start…close to the base of the path. They are narrow from that point, and get wider as they reach the fence line.

Although still a tonne of work, this was a little less physically demanding than some of the other paths that K has produced. This one was more edging the shape of the newest bed. Naturally as it took shape, the narrow path that will run along the base of this bed formed itself. It will need a little widening in a few areas, but overall is pretty good.

Now that K has cut in the next bed, it is my turn to get some posts cemented in and some landscaping fabric and wire run. I want to at least get the wall formed and ready for the rocks before the snow arrives so that we have at least one wall ready for filling as soon as it all melts in the spring. This weekend it is supposed to hit 0*, so I have a feeling the snow may come early this year as well.

K is also going to start the next bed. It will be the last one that we cut in on that side of the yard. Basically, we would like to have as much done as we can this year, and what we can’t, ready and setup for the spring. I do have one small section that I still need him to cut in on the upper side of the path to split the width of one of the beds. It is also quite sloped, so I want to cut it in half to minimize the water loss off it and flatten it off as much as possible.

Need to add a small wall between the two current walls.

It’s nice to pick up our momentum with the yard again. We lost it a bit when we went on vacation, but now the weather is ideal for work in the yard again. Because of the weather, most of our plants have been harvested with our onions, tomatoes, potatoes and strawberries still growing. We will have to take those all out soon, and tear down the beds for preparation of the new beds/privacy wall that I would like to build in the spring.

We will have our work cut out for ourselves for the next couple weeks, prepping as much of the yard as we can.


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