Excavator K

Well, K has been at it again. He once again stayed home on his day off and put himself into overdrive this time. He didn’t just finish digging one more bed/terrace level, he instead spent 5 hours moving earth and managed to get all of the beds on the one side of our yard cut out!

I must say, it was quite the surprise for me when I got home from work. I figured he had done another section when he asked if I wanted to see what he had done in the yard…I was not expecting to see what I did as I came around the corner. I couldn’t even have guessed, he didn’t seem too stiff or sore looking, although I could definitely tell he’d done some work just from the way he stood up off the couch. If you can’t tell, I am still amazed and it has been two days since he completed the digging!

Now, to look at the picture might be a little confusing as to what our plan is…especially because it keeps changing every time we do some work in the yard. We have the main path, which you can see in the below photo framed between our two large walls. That will be the main path into the bottom portion of the yard. We are not zigging and zagging down with beds between. Instead all of the beds end where there is currently a dead tree stump (not shown in the picture below). There will be a fan to the end of our path, which will join up to another access path that K has dug in.

It is so nice to see the yard really taking shape. For you (the reader) to look at the picture above might be cool, but for us we can really see our dream yard becoming reality.

Now it is my turn to make some headway by getting the post holes dug so that we can get the posts cemented in. If the weather holds out we could potentially have the posts, landscaping fabric and wire completed for our next 3 walls! It will set us up perfectly for the spring. This has been our most productive summer by far.


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