Doin’ the Shuffle


Well, we (and by we, I mean K) were making really good headway in preparing the yard. The weather was warm, the ground was thawing, then I wrote a blog post about it all and low and behold…SNOW! I am not sure why we believed that winter was truly over, wishful thinking I guess. The worst part was that it actually coated the yard and took over 24 hours to go away!


The good news, it is now beautiful out, and the forecast for the next while is up around 10* or more. Thank goodness! The ground has finally thawed and K can now get back to his digging ways.

We want to use all this time at home to get a good chunk of our walls sorted out. Unfortunately, in order to get started, we had to wait for the ground to thaw so that K could level out a few of the beds he had made last year. Luckily, with this nice weather, he was able to get the shovel into the ground and shuffle the dirt around to level out those tiers.

After going down and checking out all his progress (I am still tied to a desk for half the day, working from home), we decided to cut down one of the levels, to make them a little more even. A little more levelling and we will get the posts cemented in. With the long weekend coming up, we will try to get the posts in the ground. I know….seems silly waiting until the long weekend, since we are home 24/7 anyways, but the weekend will be sans work, so it will give us the whole day for a few days to make some good headway.

The other pile that had finally thawed out was our compost corner. This is now going to be our gazebo corner, so we want to start clearing it so that we can start planning out the gazebo that will be taking its place. The compost pile, although not so big, is dense with composted plant material from the last 3-4 years.

It took Kurt about 6 loads in our wheelbarrow cart to bring it all up from the bottom of the yard to his truck. But look at that beautiful rich soil. We may need to shuffle some of that over to our raised beds.

Last, but certainly not least, K managed to get one of our raised beds fully turned before his back started feeling a little tight. Best not to pull it again because we will have plenty of earth to move this year, and I am just not as strong of a digger/earth mover as he is.


As a further update, the plants are growing big in their greenhouse and will be ready for their permanent homes in the backyard in no time!


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