House in a house and house behind a house.

Long title for a somewhat short post. It’s been a looooooong 2 weeks since our last post and we have accomplished a lot. Nothing that we had planned, but a completely unplanned projects instead. I’ll start with our first side tracked project, our outdoor makeshift greenhouse.

With the snow hitting early April, we didn’t want to risk planting some of our root vegetables too early. The weather however had heated up and there was no end in sight to the warm spring days and nights, so we decided to risk it…with a little precaution. To keep our raised bed warm, we decided to build a temporary cover. It is a simple greenhouse-style too with “clear” (impossible to find actual clear) plastic sheeting.

Can you see the grass through it?

We broke down some of our old tomato towers that we are no longer using to repurpose as the frame of the greenhouse. We unfortunately had to go to Canadian Tire for the plastic sheeting but we did an online order that we picked up so that we didn’t have to risk shopping and wandering through the store.

When building the frame, we wanted space for our beets and carrots to grow nice and tall and still have space under the greenhouse. We may have overdone it a bit! There is no way the plants will get big enough to come even halfway up before we need to stop using the greenhouse cover.

Large and in charge! It has a slight slope for water to run off.

It was put to the test the first night with a windy spring storm. It stayed in place and only tore away from a few of the staples. Overall it held together great! It has been 11 days since we put it up and our veggies are just starting to pop up.

After the windstorm. A little loose but lookin’ good.

As an update to our indoor greenhouse, the plants are thriving and quickly outgrowing their warm house. We have had to remove most of the tomatoes because they have grown so tall. The squash are growing large and strong. The cucumbers have yet to fall over, still standing tall and almost ready to be moved out of the greenhouse as well. The pepper plants are getting there, they have a bit more growing to do. Another week or so and all the plants will be ready to be moved outside.


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