Rhythm Section

Saturday morning we got to work at 8 am. We didn’t want to disrupt the neighbours any earlier than that on a lovely weekend morning. K and I continued to finish the framing while his brother and dad continued working on the snow-fence and inside frames. K and I finished the main frames just in time for a delicious breakfast at 10 am. Over sausages, eggs and fresh tomatoes from the garden, we came up with a bit of a plan to tackle the remaining inside frames and snow-fence. One of us was going to man the saw and just work on cutting boards and passing them up to us. This was going to cut down on a lot of time for us.

Back out we went with our full bellies, ready to burn all that protein with a push to get the fence done. K’s brother had to leave that night and K and I had hoped to head home so that we had a day to recuperate before heading back to work. K’s brother had cut all the corner angles we needed so we quickly went to each frame and zapped those into place. Now we just needed to get the inner frames with the snow-fence placed.

K manned the saw, while K’s brother, dad and I headed up to where we left off. After doing two panels and the timing not really improving, I noticed that I had a lot of standing time while waiting for the snowfence to be strung up. That part was really a two person job, not needing a third. K’s dad insisted on helping, so I left them to continue doing that while I measured out all of the inner frame sizes and wrote them on the back of the posts. Once I came back to where the boys were, I also noticed K was waiting a lot on us. So, I started having him cut the next panel inside frame pieces. That way, I could get one side of it screwed into place in time for K’s brother and dad to place the fence and screw on the front of the inner frame. K’s mom also jumped in and started cutting the snow-fence to size based on the numbers I was calling to K for the top and bottom pieces of the frame. Suddenly we were zipping through the fence panels.

We finished the back section in time for a bit of a late lunch. After a quick bite, we were able to get back to the panels and kept up our rhythm. We managed to finish the last panel in the late afternoon. K’s brother started building the last section of fence while K and I prepared to top the posts to 2” above the panel. Unfortunately the saw we had for that was too dull, so we will have to go back in a few weeks and get those chopped.

Finishing the last panel

By 6:30 pm, we were packed up and ready to head home. K’s parents were really happy with the fence and it felt like such a good accomplishment, as completing any major project feels.


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