Ringing In The New Year


2020 has not been an easy year for many, and our year was not without its stresses. K was briefly laid-off, but luckily was able to go back quickly once his company had adjusted for COVID. I was on lay-off notice for 4 stressful months. I was one of the lucky few at my company who had my letter rescinded, but have now lost a few amazing co-workers who I am going to miss working with dearly. They have moved to other departments within our organization, so I look forward to still getting to see them. Like everyone, we have missed visiting with family, especially over the holidays, but are thankful that everyone is healthy and safe. Life has been very different and will continue to be so into 2021.

All that aside, we have taken to focussing on the positives of this year and one major positive from so much time spent home is the progress we have made in our yard. We managed 4 major projects that would normally we would not have tackled all in one year. We started with the full annihilation of our front garden bed with a new landscaping of a rock bed with 5 beautiful planters. Next, we replaced one of our fences, which was not part of our plan but when the neighbours let us know their plans to replace that fence, it became a priority. We then finished building and filling all of our remaining walls on the one side of our yard. A MAJOR feat for us, considering we had previously been averaging 1 wall a year and this year we completed 3! Last, but certainly not least was re-doing our deck. We had a lot of smaller projects completed as well, but those were definitely the highlights for us and the most progress we have made in a single year of working on our yard.

Our garden did amazing this year with more selection and overall higher harvest. Although we still have adjustments to make for better yields, it was a successful year. We are very much looking forward to planting the 2021 garden in the permanent beds that we have been dreaming of the last 5 years. There will be a lot of variety, lots of food to share, and new experiences with our green thumbs.

We are eager to see what progress we make not only in the yard, but on some in-house projects we have planned for 2021. Two more fences, a new shed and of course, new irrigation lines, more rock walls are all planned. It will be another year with much of our time off spent at home, so we will take advantage of that time and make as much progress as we can.

On a final note, thank you for following along with our adventures. I would have never expected to have over 100 people following us. This was alway an outlet for my creativity and a journal of all the things we have accomplished. We hope that 2021 will continue to bring entertaining entries that you enjoy reading. Happy New Years to you all, may 2021 bring you joy and happiness.


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  1. carolee says:

    May your garden be bountiful, your new beds productive, and all your plans for 2021 be fulfilling!


    1. JP says:

      Thank you! All the best for your 2021.


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