The title is an apt use based on the content of this post. Bear with me as it may be a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but all tied together with the torn theme.

So let’s start with a landscaping update and the best use of the “torn” theme. Not much has happened since our wall update because Kurtis ended up with a severe chest wall injury, where it seems he has torn one of his chest wall muscles that resulted in a trip to the emergency room. Needless to say, he will not be doing anymore landscaping this fall. He was very frustrated that it happened since we had high hopes of finishing all the rock walls on the left side of the yard, but this is an injury that was not the result of any one thing he did. Just bad luck unfortunately. He has had to take it easy the last few weeks and is only just starting to feel ok. It will be a while for it to heal fully, and I am working hard to make sure he doesn’t push it to fast.

During the weekend it happened, we spent a lot of time watching movies on the recliner couch. I did my best to sit still with him so that he had some company because I knew it would suck to be stuck sitting still and not have anyone to hang out with. The dogs also made sure to spend lots of time giving him healing love. During the weekend we chatted about not being able to finish that side of the yard. I did mention that I would like to get out and at the very least dig down the level behind that wall so that we can backfill the wall for winter….that hasn’t been done yet, but there is still time. Our new plan is to hit it hard in the spring as soon as the ground thaws. We will spend a week or two doing pieces every day so that we can get the walls up and ready for prime growing season. It will be a push, but we can get it done. Although it is not ideal, it is what we will make happen based on the circumstances.

Along with keeping Kurt company, I was able to get a few in-house projects done in the rec room while keeping him company. I did some work on some advent calendars, but I also managed to do some fall cleaning in the storage area behind the bookshelves. We are now spending a lot more time in the rec room and I realized how cluttered it was beginning to feel. It seems to have become a dumping ground for things we weren’t sure what to do with, so it was time to buck up and make some decisions. I threw out shoes that are extremely worn, but for some reason we were holding on to. That made a lot of room for us. I also recycled a bunch of cardboard boxes that I had thought I may be able to use to ship some of my shop items, but they never seemed to be the right size box. So after 2 years, they finally got cleaned out. I also got rid of a few items that we will not use again that have been sitting back there. Now we have cleared up some space and it looks much nicer back there.

This is where a new use of “torn” comes into play. I am torn between all the projects I have up in the air and which ones I want to dedicate my time to vs the ones that I should be doing. While Kurt napped one of the days he was laid out, I went outside and got the bottom garden bed cleaned out for the fall. I had hoped to plant some garlic, but I ran out of time so I ended up tucking the bed in for the winter with the tarping. We will not be tarping the garden bed every year, but this year we have nothing planted to over-winter there, so I figured put the tarp down to keep the weeds at bay and save me some work in the spring. I also pulled our pepper plants and a few other things from the top bed. I had left the tomatoes because they were still producing, but now I need to get out there and pull them. The problem is, I really want to spend all my time in the shop building things. The boat is out and I have full rein.

I’m torn between doing some yard chores that I really need to go do, and playing in my shop with all my tools. I’m going to have to suck it up this week and get out to the yard to finish cleaning up. The bottom area needs one last weed whack before winter as well. The incentive is that my family and nephews are coming over on Halloween to have a spooky evening together around the fire pit while Kurt and our neighbour shoot some fireworks. I need to get the yard sorted out so that it looks nice for when everyone comes over, but also so that it is safe. The dogs have been digging out roots to eat so there are a few areas that look like an ankle-breaking good time.

Now let’s add another project to the mix. We are finally renovating our bedroom thanks to poor Ellie being so sick a few months ago. The carpet needs to go, so I am going to lay down some vinyl plank flooring. If I am doing that, then I might as well paint the walls as well. And we have been dreaming of a king size bed, so we should add that to the list as well. If we get a king size bed, then I need to make some floating shelf nightstands because a king will take up a good portion of our bedroom. You see where this is going? More of my time being divided between all the things I need and want to do.

The last thing tugging me in another direction is our shop and prime Christmas shopping season. I decided to introduce our little shop to our neighbourhood community page. We had such amazing response! So amazing. Too amazing. With everything going on, I have a lot of great requests coming through, but I need to find the time to fill the orders. My mother-in-law and I started building some custom advent calendars that were requested. I have started building some lazy susan’s (upcoming blog post about this), and I have some requests for cribbage boards. My dad is working on the cribbage boards, but I thought I might also try my hand at a few (another possible upcoming blog post).

Oh dear! I love having so many things that I look forward to doing, I just wish I had more time in the day to do them all. I’m not one to thrive on being “busy” because I like my still and quiet moments, but I do like having so many options of ways to relieve boredom. I won’t be bored anytime soon, that is for sure!

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