Then & Now – Upper Back Yard

We are now moving to the upper area of the back yard. It was beautifully landscaped when we moved in, making a nice area to enjoy while we create chaos in the bottom area. That’s not to say that we haven’t done a few changes. Here’s a look over the years.

2014 – 2016 – The upper part of the backyard was nicely landscaped and ready to enjoy. We did not do a lot to this area for the first few years.

2017 – We did some clean-out of the upper garden, opting to use barrels instead for a cleaner look. We also had to re-do the edging to make an opening for our path entrance into the back portion of the yard. We added a wood-rack to the brick area by the shop as this would be the first year that we started using our wood stove during the winters.

2018 – We had to add some drainage to our barrels.

2019 – We finished the changes to the top garden bed by adding to the stack-stone walls so that they met the first gabion walls we had built. We then backfilled with soil, topped with landscaping fabric & rocks. We then ran irrigation to the barrels for easy watering. We also cleaned out the flowerbed by the back door, also making it a rock garden. I then built some planters to hide the old air conditioner, making for a nicer look.

2020 – We knew when we moved in that the deck would need to be re-covered. 2020 was the year that it became necessary to redo the deck.

2021 – We finished fencing the rest of the yard, bringing so much more privacy to the yard, including the upper area. We also added a removable section towards the front of the house, which secures the yard for the dogs. We also did some more major pruning since the neighbours apricot tree was taking over our cedar tree.


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  1. hmojeda says:

    Beautiful backyard!


    1. JP says:

      Thank you!


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