Then & Now – Front Yard

The focus has been on the back yard for most of the time we have lived here. Kurt had wanted only one of our yards to be in disarray and chaos at a time, so we had agreed that we would leave the front yard alone until we were finished the back yard. Then COVID happened, and since we couldn’t go anywhere, I pushed him into tackling a few changes out front. This is a smaller timeline, but still worth checking it out.

2013 – 2019 – Yep, like I said, we focussed on the back yard completely and did not do anything with the front yard for the first 6 years.

2020 – We started of the year with replacing our hot tub stairs which were quickly falling apart and becoming more and more dangerous to use. In the spring, I was able to convince Kurt to tear out the junipers from the front garden beds so that we could do the rock garden again and then added some beautiful planters that we made. The change made the front of the house look much more organized and looked after.

2021 – Excuse the first few photos, it was from the apocalyptic fire summer we had. Not a lot of days for good photos during the summer months. We continued to figure out the new planters and what plants will grow in the front yard area. Next year will be better as we will have proper irrigation to the planters, ensuring that the plants are getting proper watering. Hopefully the vines we have placed will make it to 2022. We will see.


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