Perspectives of the Throne

I have been wanting to make our deck more of a “space”, meaning the until now we have thrown a few chairs on it and called it a day. It is a small deck, long and somewhat narrow, so it has been low on my list of areas to make comfortable and enjoyable to hang out. We find the area next to our hot tub, directly beneath the deck more of an area to spend time in. The flower pots that we adorn the yard with also get put in this area, making it beautiful and welcoming. Now I need to do the same thing with our deck.

While the area beneath the deck has a nice table and four chairs for dining, I want the deck to be a comfortable area to take in the view of the river and mountains. An area to sit and visit with friends or read a book. A miniature version of what we will one day have in our gazebo. Plus, it is the best spot for a breeze on a hot day.

I had high intentions this spring of making this cozy little area happen but then we have had non-stop rain for the last 2 months (note that the picture above is rainy) and are behind on finishing our rock walls…which then makes everything else slightly behind. That being said, I did finally get started on a shop project that can be done despite the rain. Comfy chairs!

I used the plans from “Ellie’s Throne” since I find those chairs to be extremely comfortable for lounging in. Over the last 2 weeks, I have been finding small batches of time to get portions of the project done. I won’t put you through the whole process because I have already written that post in the “Ellie’s Throne” blog. Though, I did change a few things, like get a doweling jig, which definitely sped up the doweling process. Finally, I was able to finish them on Sunday. I was so excited! I bought the cushions a few months ago, thinking that I would be using these chairs all spring. Nice to finally put them to use!

Once finished, I convinced Kurt that if we finished wiring the newest wall so that it was ready for rock filling, that we could christen the new chairs on the deck with an evening nightcap of scotch while watching the very full river meander by. He was game and we managed to accomplish our weekend goal of getting the newest wall to the filling point (no sneak peek…the post will be coming soon).

I grabbed the chairs and brought them both up to the deck and instantly thought uh-oh. Up until this year, I have had 2 rocking chairs that are made of that woven plastic stuff. They literally disintegrated this spring, hence the new chairs. They were quite tall so perhaps this was the cause of my initial reaction. The new chairs almost look like kids chairs. They are much lower to the ground. I double checked the measurements and they are, in fact, the exact same height as the ones in the living room…which don’t look like kids chairs.

So, we grabbed the cushions and our scotch (of course), and had a sit down in the new chairs. Turns out they are just as comfortable as the ones in the living room, and once in them, don’t seem so short. In fact, you can kick your legs out and get a comfy slouch going if you want…something you couldn’t do with the old rocking chairs. So, despite my momentary panic, the chairs are a success!

I now plan on grabbing a few more of these cushions from Home Depot so that I can make a love-seat for the other side of the deck. Great for curling up with a good book, or having some extra seating when guests come for a visit. Hopefully I will be able to build it faster than I built the chairs! While I build it, I am also going to add some plants to the deck and some privacy screen so we don’t feel on display. Cozy it up.

If you want to build some of these, I have included a link to the original post “Ellie’s Throne” which has all the cut lists and instructions for building. If you want less loungey, taller chairs, then I recommend making the leg pieces a tad longer and adjusting where the lower brace on the arms go.


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