May Comparisons


I completely forgot to share our May comparisons! I was about to start to June comparisons post when I realized, we did in fact do some harvesting in May…though not much. With a very cool, wet start to the growing season, we are about a month behind on everything. It will be interesting to see how the growing months progress.

Alright, so let’s get started. In May 2021, we had 7 days that were over 25C in temperature. In May 2022, we had 0 days over 25C in temperature, and only 4 that made it over 20C. I waited about 203 weeks longer than last year to plant some of our items, and even then, had to re-plant a few because the warm weather just never came.

So what did we manage to harvest in May? Surprisingly a few things, but all from plants that are already well established for the most part.

Rhubarb is always a good early spring harvest. We have had this plant since 2020, so it is now pretty well established where it is. It sprouted early, with first signs of leaves on March 19. We enjoyed some nice rhubarb desserts in May, and I passed some along to my mom who also made some tasty dessert.

The Rhubarb will be moved in the fall to a new home in the walls we have nearly completed. There is a wide space about 5 feet from where it currently sits that we will move it to. We’d like to give it some time to get settled before the winter. As suggested in some blogs we have read, we will also mulch it with straw to help it through the winter.

Thanks to the jungle that was our living room this spring, we had quite a few herbs that were ready nice and early. In fact, I have made a few planters for inside, the herb planter outside is full and we added some extra basil in with the tomatoes.

The May harvest was of some mammoth basil to enjoy on a margherita flatbread that we made on the bbq. It was so tasty with the basil really punching through with a fresh and strong flavour.

The June numbers are also just coming in, so I will be posting that one shortly as well!


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